Creating a Customer-centric Experience with Roofing Software

Being in the business of on-demand services, you understand that customer experience is the rage all over. Big giants like Amazon, Uber have demonstrated to one and all that by focusing on customer experience, a business can make a difference, not just beat the competition, but lead it as a trend-setter. There are studies and surveys to prove that in the current times, customer experience is the key differentiator that drives customers' choices for or against particular brands or businesses.

Customer experience is relevant for any business, but when it comes to on-demand field services like a roofing business, customer experience matters the most. It starts from the very first contact, be it through phone, email, chat, web, or any other channel, and continues even beyond the completion of the job. So, customer experience is a holistic experience for the customers, it is the overall impression that a client perceives regarding a company - its service, or product based on his interactions with the company across different touchpoints. For the clients of your roofing business, the field workforce is one of the key touchpoints through which clients interact with your business. Thus, your team of field servicemen shoulders the big responsibility of pleasing the customers, so that the goal of customer experience can be achieved.

However, to serve customers better, you need to find a service team to understand what is the customer's expectation for them, or what qualities customers look for when they deal with field service teams. As per a research report by Salesforce Snapshot, the most important customer service and support qualities as listed by customers are job expertise, flexibility, speed, empathy, communication, servicemen's preparedness, and proactivity towards a job.

How to empower your field service team to serve clients better?

As it turned out when it is about creating a memorable customer experience for your clients, your field workforce is at the forefront of attending to your customers, so their performance and efficiency matter. So, how can you empower them to excel in their jobs, especially on the grounds of the qualities highlighted by the Salesforce Snapshot Research,(as mentioned above)?

A roofing software can be of much help in this regard. Now, what does this software do? It is basically a field service management software, specially designed considering the operational needs of a roofing business. The purpose of the software is to tackle the field operational challenges with technologies like automation and help the field workforce to become more efficient and productive in their job roles.

How does roofing business software function and how does it enable the field workforce to serve clients better?

Roofing business software brings the field operations into the online space, thus renders it with much-needed mobility. some of the key capacities of roofing business software are as follows:

  • It automates those field processes that are repetitive, such as job scheduling, route planning, standard communication, etc.

  • Automation makes processes more intelligent. The need for human intervention is from little to no, thus reducing the chances of human errors. For instance, the software facilitates automated scheduling and dispatch, wherein it can easily assign jobs to a larger team after thoroughly assessing the servicemen on points like necessary skills set for the job, availability on particular day and time, proximity to the job site. This kind of intelligent job scheduling ensures that always a rightly skilled serviceman attends the job, and there is no scheduling conflict.

  • It facilitates mobility by providing the field workers real-time access to enterprise data through connected devices. Thus, even while on the go, the field workforce can access information like client's details, project briefs, service history, service quotes, tutorials, inventory records, etc., without depending on anyone in the back office. This helps the servicemen to get prepared for the job.

  • Roofing software provides the managers and supervisors real-time visibility into field activities. They can track the live locations of the field servicemen, keeping a tab of when and where they are traveling. They can even time stamp their check-in and check-out time for a job, ask for real-time job status updates over chats that facilitate sharing of images and videos also. This allows the managers to closely track the performance of their team members, which is needed for incentivizing also, as well as to identify the star performers and weak links.

  • The software can also be used as roofing CRM, as it functions as a cloud-based centralized data repository that stores all client's data at one commonplace. Be it about capturing leads, registering service requests, maintaining the log of schedules, keeping records of invoices, or maintaining communication with clients, everything is made feasible with the software.

The final words

Roofing software is the much-needed tech-enablement that bridges those gaps that cause productivity leaks or operational inefficiency among the field workforce. It provides the software access to the right piece of information at the time of need, it schedules them to the job for which they have the necessary skills, it helps them to save travel time through real-time route planning, it allows them to access the self-services over the online platform. In simple words, it provides the workforce a smoother ground to work in, so that they can be good, fast, and proactive in their jobs and deliver customer satisfaction.

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